Good design
for real industry

A good design in the hands of a creative company is an seductive tool attracting buyers through innovative solutions. Take all advantages of a good design and rise above your competition with excellent products.
Wrapping machine, Robotika Kogler d.o.o.

Klancar design increases brand trust

Nowadays, good product performance is common; however, it is not enough to guarantee success. Successful products are different and smarter.

Smart industrial design, created here, directly introduces the diversity and through the seductive form, strengthens the confidence in the brand.

This means that it embeds positive attributes through which customers can quickly recognize greater benefits, a better user experience, and a genuine first contact with new products.

Be one step ahead of others

Your product will face fierce competition. Therefore, it is essential that it provides extraordinary competitiveness which will make it stand out, attract loyal users, and place you among the best.

Take a step towards attractive ideas, that will make an impact. An experienced designer will reliably complement development process.

He will help you optimise details, integrate more intelligence, and create unique, market-relevant concepts that will take you to the forefront.

Design that works

A good, innovative design, created under the designer's careful supervision, brings company positive, multi-faceted benefits.

Optimal features

A good design provides you with access to products that will perform more efficiently, more elegant, simpler and optimal in terms of their function. You can price such products higher more easily.


A good design makes it possible for you to implement a competitive edge with stronger features, thus ensuring you a better market position. Smart details will place you much higher than before.

Better experience

With a good design, you can explore new directions that will motivate customer better. At the same time, it allows you to implement friendly and more authentic features that will improve user experience.

Stronger identity

A good design manifests a charismatic product’s features so it clearly expresses the company's values. It helps establish a more genuine dialogue with customers and builds confidence in the brand.

A faster way to final realisation

Extensive knowledge in the field of design, paired with the most advanced 3D CAD platform, makes it possible for you to implement more consistent projects of a higher quality. This ensures significantly shorter development periods and better opportunities for a timely placement of unique products on the market.

In order to make your business more successful, you will be able to present all innovations to your clients long before your product is even launched. With a set of completely realistic visualisations, you will have the possibility to perform as convincingly as if you were already representing an actual product.

3D Design


3D Visualisations

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